Thursday, April 10, 2008

Google News Alert for: POST WAR SUICIDE

America's Soldiers Need Support on the War FrontNatural -
Phoenix, AZ, USAOver 27% of soldiers on their 3rd or 4th tours were
suffering anxiety, depression, post-combat stress, or other
difficulties. Compare this percentage with ...See all stories on this topic

Army Under Stress From Long WarsThe Associated Press - The Defense
Department has asked for $46.5 billion in this year's war budget to repair
and replace equipment damaged or destroyed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
...See all stories on this topic

Helping Veterans Suffering from PTSDBy Tom Allen 2008 The bill
will improve diagnosis, compensation, and treatment for veterans
suffering from PTSD. By requiring that Veterans Administration
employees take sufficient time to diagnose and accurately rate the
severity of the disorder, ...-

Deployed for Third Time with Both PTSD and TBI, A Fort Carson ...By (Erin Emery )
Army Staff Sergeant Chad Barrett had been sent from Fort Carson on
a third tour of duty in Iraq despite a brain injury and stress disorder.
Veterans for Common Sense -

PTSD Compromises Battered Women's Future SafetyBy Perez, S., Johnson,
D. M. Using the Chicago Women's Health Risk Study, a naturalistic
longitudinal study of 320 abused women, the current study examined the
impact of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression on battered
women's safety at follow-up.
...Journal of Interpersonal Violence... -

Do You Sleep With Alot of Covers?By linasmom Curious - does anyone
else sleep with tons of covers on their bed no matter the temperature
outside? I have a theory that I love tons of covers because they allow me
to feel like a little child wrapped tightly in a blanket,
...PTSD Forum -

A FORT CARSON ...Shelby Barrett said that an agent with the
Army's Criminal Investigation Division told her that two empty prescription-
pill bottles were found next to her husband's body Feb. 2 in Mosul.
Barrett said investigators also found a letter in - Breaking News Headlines -

An Old Man With PTSDBy Gaius Sempronius Gracchus, Last night on
Race for the White House (or whatever it’s called) at the very end a
black woman journalist I’ve never seen before speculated McCain is
hiding his medical records because he has PTSD from his days being
tortured in Vietnam.
...Undemocracy in America -

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