Saturday, March 10, 2007

You Pick The Cover

I received these two cover drafts from
the Cover Editors, now I have to make a choice. Which one do you like? Why?

The Blue or The Red

Personally I like them both. "Fact a business", I think that they are dynamic and visually
powerful. However, as the author I might not be as subjective as I should be.

Therefore, I'm asking for opinions- Which one do you like and why? Feel free to Comment.
If you leave a comment, then you can brag that you helped design the cover. Smile !

Note: I am aware that the helmet in the Blue Cover is not from the Vietnam era. I wanted to give honor to the 'boots on the ground', in Iraq and Afghanistan. So please don't rag me about 'correctness'.
Your opinions and comments are always welcome, and they shall be accepted with Love and wisdom.

My thoughts drift from time to time, as they have since 1967. I've had 'vivid nightmares' and 'flashbacks with intrusive unsettling thoughts'. I still see the sights, smell those odors, and hear those sounds-even in my sleep... There are days and times that I am tranquil or depressed and distant from every thing and everyone. Some days I'm very moody, impatient with a short fuse, or irritable, often for no apparent reason. Then there are those days when I am jovial, smiling gregariously showing a nature that is full of warmth and love. However, at any moment I could erupt with more volatile force than an exploding volcano. Yes, my PTSD is quietly raging internally, challenging my moral values and my sanity.

Does this sound like someone you might know? My family and I became estranged. People thought that I was Crazy, I began to believe that I was Crazy, and I knew everyone else had a serious problem--- ''just don't mess with me.''

War will scar all participants with a lifetime condition known as;
"DOC" E. Everett McFall