Wednesday, November 21, 2007

While Giving Thanks...Consider This!!!

Why is this administration persecuting these valiant warriors?

The Pentagon has sent out thousands of Collection Notices recently to mutilated, maimed, and psychologically traumatized Iraq War Veterans. Why would they do this, you might ask. It is because these soldiers had the misfortune of not being able to complete their tours in Iraq because of traumatic wounds received there, and the Pentagon thinks they should return all or at least a portion of their Enlistment Signing Bonuses due to Non-Completion of Iraq Tour of Duty.

Why does this NOT surprise me? Think about this while enjoying Thanksgiving with the knowledge that civilian operatives like members of Blackwater are receiving 10 times what our troops receive in monetary compensation.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who have suffered so much in this stupid war of opportunity.

Let's see...under ChimpyMcFlightSuit's reign co-payments for prescriptions at VA Hospitals have doubled (I think that's called a back door or hidden tax the general public is NOT aware of), Virtually nothing has been done at Walter Reed (out of sight, out of mind!), billions are being paid to mercenaries, and now this! At the same time Chimpy is asking for MORE money...

NOBODY in our Congress is asking, What the hell happened to the money we've already given you! NOBODY is holding this administration accountable for ANYTHING!
Spartan (When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent)*, Nov 21, 2007, 7:47pm EST

The shrinking military has had to offer reenlistment bonuses to retain troops. Those bonuses can run from 20,000 to well over 100,000 for senior enlisted Special Forces. Those who are injured, wounded or suffer psychological symptoms that make them ineligible for active duty receive invoices to repay the government on a prorated scale depending on how much time they had left to serve. For all its support the troops rhetoric, and a miniature American flag (made in China) stuck in every jacket lapel, Washington does not give a damn about GIs or funding anything beyond a phony war on terrorism.
Ron B., Nov 21, 2007, 7:49pm ES

From the Washington Post:"The underlying problem is an antiquated computer system for paying and tracking members of the military. Pay records are not integrated with personnel records, creating numerous errors. When soldiers leave the battlefield, for example, they lose a pay differential, but the system can take time to lower their pay.The government then tries to recoup over payments, docking pay for active-duty troops and sending debt notices to those who have left the military. Eventually, the government sends private agencies to collect debts and notifies credit bureaus.The computer system is so broken that 400 soldiers killed in action were listed as owing money to the government, although no debt notices were sent, the report said.

A total of $1.5 million in debts has been linked to the 400 fallen soldiers and 900 wounded troops. Of the total, $124,000 has been repaid. The government has waived $959,000, and the remainder of $420,000 is still owed."
Debra W, Nov 21, 2007, 7:49pm EST

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Survivor’s Guilt

(c) 2007 E. Everett McFall

LORD, What Did I Do To Deserve To Survive?

Why Am I Still Here? Am I Worthy LORD?

I was instructed to try to re-assemble the dismembered body parts collected in the two rows of newly arrived “bloated body bags” lying on the ground. After about 90 minutes of intense humid heat, blood, other body fluids and the smells of decaying flesh, my team had put the remains of (8) Men together as humanely as possible.

It felt like trying to assemble a human puzzle, only these pieces were from fallen fellow Americans, humans, that were once full of LIFE, breathing, walking, talking, and doing the same things that I had done. Most were, as best as I could tell, my age or a little older. War is a youthful activity.

Today, forty years later, I’m still constantly overwhelmed by thoughts of whether or not I put the right head with the right body parts. These recurring thoughts have forced me to live with those ‘Heads’ for over 40 years. Those ‘HEADS,’ they continue to HAUNT ME, as I relive that experience, day after day after day, 24/7. This is only part of my PTSD!!!

YES, I can still hear their cries, even in my sleep!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Albert Snyder vs WBC-It Was NOT A Matter of Free Speech!

Please let me clear up some false misconceptions that some folks have about the Federal Law Suit that a Slain US Marine's family successfully argued and Won, Nov. 2nd 2007.

Contrary to a popular belief, this was not a case of attempting to deny the disbarred Kansas Attorney, turned Preacher of a 'hate spurring' assembly known as the Westboro Baptist Church, his "right of Free Speech." This suit was filed by the family of LCpl Mathew Snyder due to an Invasion of Privacy by Fred Phelps.

Demonstrators from Fred Phelps's Westboro Baptist Church huddled together with their signs. "God Hates Fags," "Fags Doom Nations," and "Thank God for Dead Soldiers," among other signs. Some of the demonstrators smiled as they spat on or STEPPED on the American flag while they chanted obscenities and hurled derogatory, defaming insults as marched around the graveside, in close proximity of the grieving family...and the News Media that the WBC pre-notified in advance of their intent to protest and picket.

Yes, Fred Phelps is the one who always notifies the print and TV media, Thus He TURNS A PRIVATE SOLEMN FUNERAL INTO A DISRESPECTFUL "MEDIA CIRCUS." "They turned this funeral into a media circus, and they wanted to hurt my family," Snyder testified, according to the Associated Press. "They wanted their message heard, and they didn't care who they stepped over. My son should have been buried with dignity, not with a bunch of clowns outside," Mr Snyder said.


*Mr. Albert Snyder took this recourse due to an Invasion of Privacy by Fred Phelps,
not to deny his 1st Amendment Rights.
**This was a private civil lawsuit separate from any actions being pursued by states or the federal government against Mr. Phelps. While those cases involve Government action and potential 1st Amendment issues, this case is distinct. This case simply alleges that one does not have the right to conspire to use lies in order to inflict intentional harm upon persons who are grieving the death of their children.
"WBC engages in daily peaceful sidewalk demonstrations opposing the homosexual lifestyle of soul-damning, nation-destroying filth. We display large, colorful signs containing Bible words and sentiments, including:


It's sad some folks believe they speak for God when their message is so full of blatant HATRED and hostility. If anything, I'd expect them to rejoice, for at last the folks they HATE will sit in judgment of the Lord. I'm not sure what their point is other than to be noticed. They aren't accomplishing anything constructive. Fred Phelps is behaving like a narcissist who loves the media attention.
Rachel Brooks Posadas, Nov 15, 2007, 2:16pm EST

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "IS THIS THE WAY TO HONOR OUR DEAD?":

God forgive me, but if someone would furnish me with a sniper rifle, give me a brief lesson on how to use it, and I could scare up some support on getting to where these horrid stains on Christianity are going to be, I would take as many of them out as I could, starting with their supposed leader. And I am not a violent person. I am also blessed to have never had to fire a shot in anger or at another human being. Of course, as I told Doc, I don't consider these creatures human.

My PTSD Won't Let Me Comment for the Fear That I Might Incriminate Myself...
Doc E. Everett McFall

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Rain Upon the Battlefield"

(A Poem by Jean F.) (c) 2007

All is quiet now...
Wifts of smoke rise up
Wafting through air,
Until only moments ago,
Filled with the roar of battle...

Their guns, now silent,
Lie beside the fallen,
Their suffering done
Ended for all eternity…

Now falls a gentle rain,
Warm and bittersweet,
Mixing with life's blood
Upon the ground...

Embraces overflowing,
With innocent flowers --
Reaching out arms
That once held their loves --
Women dressed in black…

I Can Still Hear Their Cries, Even In My Sleep...A Journey Into PTSD

Honor and Dignity, Not HATE!

In regards to those who openly desecrate the gravesites of our fallen warriors, where all that hate came from, only God knows. If it is aimed at the government because they were about to disbar all seven lawyers in the Fred Phelps cult, (so he cut a deal, giving up his license if his family could keep theirs), shouldn't that hate be aimed at the Government? Go to the Senate, protest the Congress.> They are too powerful, besides the law makers would retaliate. If this anger is solely at homosexuals, wouldn't Fred and the WBC been better off continue to bash gays? They would lose "Gay Bashing" cases based on "gay rights laws being violated".

Why did they start to focus on those who could no longer speak for themselves? Those who had Paid the Ultimate Price with their service and blood . Why have those sanctimonious, Biblical perverting, Cowardly mass of protoplasm's disguised as human HOMO-sapiens focused on the brave men and women slain while providing a platform of freedom?

Oh you low life excuse for humanity. Defamation of the living will bring litigation, So you have chosen to ATTACK OUR DEAD HERO'S. Someone commented that, "Hatred is based on ignorance". Dare I add, "The vine yards and the graveyards are full of ignorant folks, waiting their turn in HELL."

The Sacred Sanctity of the Grave Site is the very last place to protest. Veterans world wide feel betrayed at such debauchery. Any morally upright human being would fear the wrath of the Creator if they knowingly DESECRATED a Funeral, the final resting place, and the grieving family.

The highest degree of pressure should be applied to ALL Those who are running for President of the United States, and our Governmental bodies to ensure that the unrighteous rev Fred Phelps and his gang cease and desist.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Church group Desecrates Funeral of Slain Veteran

The Westboro Baptist Church, founded by, Fred Phelps, has protested across the country at the funerals of numerous soldiers, marines and sailors, alleging that their deaths were God’s retribution for America’s toleration of homosexuality. Displaying "God Hates Fags," posters at the graveside of our fallen warriors, is Sick, Demented, Evil and very much Un-Godly!This sick, so called church spreads its hate through picketing in our streets, and at grave sites of our fallen heroes, provoking attacks, with abusive vulgar language.

This Westboro Baptist church hates the Gay-Community, African-Americans, Canada, Sweden, the Fire Department of NY, victims of 911, Christian Churches, The Pope, Judaism, America, Our American Troops, and the list goes on and on. Many of the groups they despise are specifically named on their hate propaganda, picket signs, and their many websites. They not only hate, but wish death on all that they abhor. To make maters worst, this sick demented group of so-called Christians, are legally supported by The ACLU under the guise of defending their 1st Amendment Rights. (Freedom of Speech)

Check out their website of Hate

Disgusting Group Turns U.S. Marine's Funeral Into a “Circus”
Filed under ACLU, 1st Amendment, News, Fallen Hero's

The most ignorant and disrespectful things a person can do is desecrate a grave and hold a protest at a funeral, especially the funeral of a military member that has given their life for our country.

Yet time and time again we see graves and veterans memorials vandalized (even the Vietnam Veterans WALL) and protests held at funerals by anti-American hatemongers that wouldn’t know what the word respect meant if it kicked them in the face.
The father of a Marine killed in Iraq took the stand in his invasion of privacy suit against a fundamentalist church that pickets soldiers’ funerals, saying that the protesters carrying signs at his son’s burial made him sick to his stomach.

Albert Snyder said he had hoped for a private funeral for his son, Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder.
“They turned his funeral into a media circus and they wanted to hurt my family,” Snyder testified. “They wanted their message heard and they didn’t care who they stepped over. My son should have been buried with dignity, not with a bunch of clowns outside.”
Ignorant. Disrespectful. Classless.
These pathetic excuses for human beings are worse than the crap I wipe off my shoe after stepping in dog crap.<[edited] Snyder sued the Westboro Baptist Church, whose members have picketed the funerals of military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming the deaths are punishment for the country’s tolerance of homosexuality.

On Nov. 2nd, 2007, Mr. Snyder won and Westboro Baptist Church must pay almost $11 million dollars. However, Phelps immediately filed an appeal.
The jury first awarded $2.9 million in compensatory damages. It returned in the afternoon with its decision to award $6 million in punitive damages for invasion of privacy and $2 million for causing emotional distress.

Video: Cult Loses Suit, Leader Goes Bonkers

America, We Must Not Continue to Allow Racist, Bigoted, Neo-Nazi type wanna-be's poison our culture such blatant acts of evil perpetrated by disciples of Satan.
Doc E. Everett McFall, Corpsman, USMC
Purple Heart Recipient, Vietnam Class of 1966-1967

Saturday, November 10, 2007

U.S. Marine Corps Birthday

November 10th 1775

Happy 232nd Birthday United States Marine Corps

To All that have worn the Eagle-Globe and Anchor, past and present, we say "Semper Fidelis" - Always Faithful(Semper Fi for short). We Thank you for your SERVICE and we shall forever HONOR your commitment to God, Counrty and the Corps. Doc E. Everett McFall

United States Marine Corps Birthday message, ALMAR 044/07MSGID/GENADMIN/CMC Washington DCSUBJ/United States Marine Corps Birthday Message - 10 November 2007POC/Sgt M. Bell/Admin Chief/CMC Staff GroupTel:(703) 614-2326// GENTEXT/

Since the birth of our nation, our liberty has been purchased by valiant men and women of deep conviction, great courage, and bold action; the cost has often been in blood and tremendous sacrifice. As America's sentinels of freedom, United States Marines are counted among the finest legions in the chronicles of war. Since 1775, Marines have marched boldly to the sounds of the guns and have fought fiercely and honorably to defeat the scourge of tyranny and terror. We are Marines - that is what we do.

In the words of President John F. Kennedy: "In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger." Magnificent heroes fought in the wheat fields of Belleau Wood, in the snows of the Chosin, and on the streets of Hue City. Your generation bears this obligation now, and it is borne on mighty and capable shoulders. Just like the Marines at Belleau Wood - we are once again engaged in sustained operations ashore. Just like at Belleau Wood - the Marines have beengiven the toughest sector and have prevailed over a resilient and determined enemy - who has made us pay for our gains. Once again, as in any struggle, the road ahead is far from certain, but as Marines, we are not dissuaded by the challenges of war or the tough conditions of a warrior's life. Indeed, we don't just accept our destiny - we shape it.

On our 232nd Birthday, to every Marine - those still in uniform and those who have served honorably in the past - be proud of who you are and what you do. Know that your citizenship dues have been paid in full; you are part of this nation's elite warrior class. Cherish our families who offer marvelous support, abiding resolve, and steadfast patience. Remember those who have served and those who have fallen - their names are chiseled on the roll call of America's heroes. Those who have carried the battle colors of our Corps have forged our heritage, and today's generation of Leathernecks chart our future. Carry the colors with pride; carry them with honor. Happy Birthday, Marines!
Semper Fidelis,

James T. Conway, General, U.S. Marine Corps,
Commandant of the Marine Corps

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Combat PTSD: In Simple Terms

Improvised Explosive Device Amputation!

DoYou Know the How the Term PTSD came about?
People exposed to a life-threatening traumatic event, such as combat, genocide, rape, assault, or a serious accident will have physical and emotional reactions to their experience. For some, the effects of the event, and their reactions to it, will be short-lived. For others, the trauma will continue to disturb them and influence their actions and feelings for years.

The long-term emotional response to a traumatic event is called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This anxiety-related disorder was officially identified after the Vietnam War. Although not fully understood or recognized until after Vietnam, the emotional effects of war have been with us throughout the ages. Many classic stories of war and its effect on warriors are a part of our culture and literature.

During the Civil War, what is now recognized as PTSD was commonly called “melancholy.” In World War I, the condition was referred to as “shell shock.” Then, World War II and Korea gave us the terminology “combat fatigue.” However, it was not until after Vietnam that the long-term effects of combat trauma were fully understood and began to be effectively treated.
For most of us, even though we may not have known it then and may continue to deny it now, serving in combat was a turning point in our lives. In ways most of our civilian brethren can never understand, we experienced losses during our military service that can endure a lifetime.

Our losses during combat ranged from the intangible loss of innocence and years of our life devoted to military service, to the very real and devastating loss of friends. Never again will the world seem as safe and secure for us as it had before our time in combat. At a very young age, we learned that bad things do happen to good people and that we can do very bad things as well.

"I am part of all that I have met." — Tennyson, Ulysses

© Richard E. O’Dell, 2005

Sunday, November 4, 2007

What Effect Did 9/11 Have on You?

This was an ACT of WAR!

What Effect Did 9/11 Have on You?
by E. Everett McFall (c)
November 04, 2007 01:45 AM EST

That day was a day of birth for me. Watching that second tower being struck and then the immediate explosive projection of fire, caused me to mentally reflect back to the "Rolling Thunder" of B52's, the White Sparks of the Super heated acid chemical- "White Phosphorus" and the rolling saturation of fireballs of Gasoline & liquid soap know as NAPALM.

Yes, I was frozen and transported backward (40 years) in time. Within two weeks I was in the Veterans Administration Hospital Mental Health Unit /PTSD. They identified my 40 year struggle with the inner demons that plagued me. It was a mild victory to finally learn that I wasn't alone and that I was NOT CRAZY. Well I knew that all the time. You see, Everybody else, that's right, EVERYBODY ELSE had the Problem- Not Me! Anyway, Those memories tormented my soul so often and intensely, That my first book evolved, "I Can Still Hear Their Cries, Even In My Sleep...A Journey Into PTSD".

"A teenage US Marine Corps Corpsman left the U.S. for a tour in Southeast Asia in 1966...
Forty years later, at age sixty one , he is still fighting through depression, nightmares, and recurring flashbacks with intrusive thoughts. When he speaks of his inner demons today
he states, "I Can Still hear Their Cries, Even In My Sleep".

After living in a bottle for 16+ years (I lost count), over 44 JOBS, three failed marriages and years of psychological therapy and medication... At last I am starting to turn my life around. My forth wife (she says "THE LAST"), and I are both students at University of Indiana Northwest.

E. Everett McFall is a high energy public speaker with a driving passion to help other Veterans. He is a active member of several non-profit Veterans service organizations.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

PTSD on the RISE

©2007 Minnesota Public Radio

Jesus Bocanegra, 24, talks during a therapy session at a Veterans Administration clinic in McAllen, Texas. Bocanegra has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, a result of his service in Iraq in 2003-04. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

A recent study from the Department of Veterans Affairs shows that the number of Iraq and Afghanistan vets diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder is rising rapidly, and some say the VA is failing to meet the mental health needs of returning soldiers.

Matthew Friedman, MD: Executive director of the VA's National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He's a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at Dartmouth University.
Ilona Meagher: Author of "Moving a Nation to Care: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and America's Returning Troops."

Paul Sullivan: Director of Veterans for Common Sense. He is a veteran of the Gulf War and worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs from 2000-2006.

Late veteran of Iraq war honored in launch of foundation (08/30/2007)
Minnesota Guard troops subject of war trauma study (07/22/2007)
Number of homeless vets is small, but growing (03/14/2007)
About Dr. Friedman
National Center for PTSD
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans for Common Sense
About Ilona Meagher

I was homeless for five (5) years, sleeping in cars, storefronts, garages, basements, shelters, anyplace that would offer a few moments of undisturbed shuteye. E. Everett McFall

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Web-Based Treatment for PTSDAm J Psychiatry (subscription) - USAReductions in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression among military service members were greater with an 8-week program of cognitive behavior ...See all stories on this topic

Depressed Vets Have Seven-Fold Higher Suicide RateMedPage Today - Little Falls,NJ,USAPosttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was associated with a lower risk for suicide, but only in older veterans who had been diagnosed with depression, ...See all stories on this topic
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New Waco VA center director has broad research missionWaco Tribune Herald - Waco,TX,USAChet Edwards, D-Waco, who has secured $3 million for Young's study on the root causes of PTSD, also played a role. Having a nationally respected researcher ...See all stories on this topic

A Randomized, Controlled Proof-of-Concept Trial of an Internet ...Am J Psychiatry (subscription) - USAMETHOD: Service members with PTSD from the attack on the Pentagon on September 11th or the Iraq War were randomly assigned to self-management cognitive ...See all stories on this topic

Complex Adaptations to Traumatic Stress: From Neurobiological to ...Am J Psychiatry (subscription) - USAHowever, it was not until 1980 that APA first included posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ...See all stories on this topic

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