Sunday, July 5, 2009

Laptops for the Wounded Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Laptops for the Wounded has set the date for it's
Annual Charity Golf Tournament. It is October 9th
at Hawk's Landing Golf Course in Southington, CT. If
you would like to play at the outing, please follow the
instructions on the attached registration document.
Laptops for the Wounded Golf Outing Event - 2009.doc

Since last years event, they attainment of the federal
recognized 501c3 charity status. This has opened up
considerable doors for the advancement of the charity
to aid our wounded service members. Another change was
the redesign of the website
by 2 Brothers Web Design in Branford , CT. This allowed
our mission statement and pertinent information to be
presented in a more intuitive, professional manner.

A new and greatly appreciated supporter of
Laptops for the Wounded comes in the form of the
NJVC Company out of Vienna, Virginia Over
the Christmas season, NJVC had a fundraiser for our charity,
the results raised $20,000. Another NJVC fundraiser was a
golf tournament recently held in Chantilly, Virginia that raised
an additional $13,000! 20-laptops have been purchased and
built by Laptops for the Wounded and 16 laptops delivered
to Walter-Reed Hospital, and 2 being sent to the Richmond
Virginia VA hospital for spinal cord injured troops.

50+more laptops are going to be ordered within the next
couple-weeks to bring Fort Stewart, Haley VA in Tampa and
new military hospitals up to a comfortable level of laptops, as
well as further supporting Walter-Reed.

The 8th Grade class of the Woodstock CT Middle School also
had a fundraiser to raise their own money for buying laptops
for the wounded troops. They were able to raise the money
to purchase 3-laptops and I was honored to be able to assist
in their build up as well as being able to personally deliver
those laptops with Viziflex Vision Aid keyboard stickers to
Walter-Reed on June 25th.

Thank you for thinking of our wounded troops health and well-being,

Phil Drouin - President / CEO
Laptops for the Wounded
Acworth, New Hampshire
ALL Donations are WELCOME!!
"Freedom Isn’t Free…..Someone Paid the Bill"
Doc E. Everett McFall,
Host of “The Veterans Forum” Talk Show.