Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Cpl Michael B. Presley U.S. Marine Corps

Cpl Michael B. Presley, 21, of Batesville, Mississippi, died
December 14, 2005 at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
in Germany of wounds sustained from a suicide, vehicle-borne
improvised explosive device while conducting combat
operations against enemy forces in Fallujah, Iraq, on Dec 12.

Presley was assigned to 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion,
2nd Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N. C.
Brandon joined the Marine Corps in 2003. He graduated from
Parris Island in Dec of 2003 and continued his training in Fort
Leonard Wood, Missouri. Then he served one year with the 1st
Marine Aircraft Wing at Okinawa, Japan.

After Japan, Brandon reported to the 2nd Combat Engineer
Battalion for duty as a Motor Transport Operation in March of
2005 at Camp Lejeune. Cpl Presley deployed to the theater of
operation in Sept of 2005 and supported numerous combat
operations in support of the 2nd Marine Division, 8th Marine
Regiment in Fallujian, Iraq.

On Dec 12th, 2005, while conducting a logistical convoy to
the civil military operations center to deliver ballots and voting
supplies in support of the Iraqi national election, the convoy
that Cpl. Presley was participating in came under attack from
a suicide vehicle borne improvised device (SVBIED).

Cpl. Presley was the vehicle commander for the second
Medium Tactical Replacement in the convoy. As the convoy
passed, a taxi that had pulled off to the right side of route Fran,
the taxi pulled out and into the path of Presley’s vehicle.

When Cpl. Presley observed this, he immediately started to
initiate escalation force procedures. Due to the fact that the
taxi was non-responsive, Cpl Presley drew his M16A4 and
was preparing to engage the lone occupant of the taxi. As he
did this, the SVBIED initiated its device early, before it
had actually impacted the MTVR.

This quick action saved not only his driver, but also the cargo
that they were carrying, the Iraqi ballots. He valiantly put his
fellow marines and mission accomplishment ahead of his own

Presley was wounded by shrapnel in the blast and
later died of his wounds.

Cpl. Presley will be remembered for his broad smile, love of God
love of life, love of his country and his devotion to duty.

Submitted by Pamela Cousar,
Proud Mother of CPL. Michael B. Presley (Brandon)

Semper Fi, Brother
Doc E. Everett McFall

Vietnam Class of 1966-1967