Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Thousands upon Thousands of Veterans have conversations with the DEAD. Some of us talk to the same corpses on a daily basis, others talk to a variety of different ones, ie; Family, Loved ones, Fellow Combat Buddies, even the Enemy. We interact with them in our waking moments of consciousness and mostly when we are sleep.

These conversations are real to us. To others, we are just "psycho-babbling." We are often shunned, ostracized, forced into isolation from the people whom we should seek shelter and solace. They don't know how to deal with our PTSD, so we turn to Drugs and Alcohol to escape the pain of Total Recall, The Nightmares, The Flashbacks with Intrusive Thoughts. We Self Medicate ourselves. Ultimately society becomes ashamed of this blight that has stained it's pure unblemished moral fabric. Yet we are the physical extensions of your political cerebral manifestations.

YES, we Talk to the Souls, the Faces of Fear and Death! Many of us can't get a full nights peace, as for myself... I Can Still Hear Their Cries, Even In My Sleep!!!


“E. Everett McFall's collection ‘I Can Still Hear Their Cries’, is a cathartic work that takes a reader into the torment and pain of a Vietnam War veteran who, through poetry and prose, provides a reader with a shocking sensory insight into life as a Marine Corpsman(Medic) and a surviving veteran. His poetry is vivid, visual, honest, compelling and painful.

McFall, I commend you for your candid openness, your vulnerability and capacity to reach others who are too often overlooked. We believe that this work could provide support for veterans of the Gulf War as well as those returning from Iraq and their families.”

Regina V. Jones, Professor, Indiana University Northwest, Dept. of Minority Studies

I Live With The DEAD

I Can Still Hear Their Cries, Even In My Sleep...a journey into PTSD

By "Doc" E. Everett McFall, USMC, Class of Vietnam 1966-1967

Rated 5 (*****) Five Stars by AMAZON.Com readers and book reviewers.

After the first page you might just be compelled to finish it just as those who started reading this "Natural Emotional Page Turner." Here's what others are saying about this timeless war memoir from a combat medic.


“I Can Still Hear Their Cries, Even in My Sleep by E. Everett McFall is an outstanding portrayal of the deep inner feelings about war and its mental and physical consequences, which resulted in his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The author’s words are powerful and absorbing as he describes his despair in dealing with the realities of war and the lifelong healing process which he is experiencing. It gives the novice a much better understanding of PTSD and its effects on the mind and body.

Mr. McFall expresses his feelings with vivid verbal pictures enabling everyone to see though his eyes. This is a book which should be read by all.”

Samuel W. Hurley, USAF, WWII Veteran