Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Honor and Dignity, Not HATE!

In regards to those who openly desecrate the gravesites of our fallen warriors, where all that hate came from, only God knows. If it is aimed at the government because they were about to disbar all seven lawyers in the Fred Phelps cult, (so he cut a deal, giving up his license if his family could keep theirs), shouldn't that hate be aimed at the Government? Go to the Senate, protest the Congress.> They are too powerful, besides the law makers would retaliate. If this anger is solely at homosexuals, wouldn't Fred and the WBC been better off continue to bash gays? They would lose "Gay Bashing" cases based on "gay rights laws being violated".

Why did they start to focus on those who could no longer speak for themselves? Those who had Paid the Ultimate Price with their service and blood . Why have those sanctimonious, Biblical perverting, Cowardly mass of protoplasm's disguised as human HOMO-sapiens focused on the brave men and women slain while providing a platform of freedom?

Oh you low life excuse for humanity. Defamation of the living will bring litigation, So you have chosen to ATTACK OUR DEAD HERO'S. Someone commented that, "Hatred is based on ignorance". Dare I add, "The vine yards and the graveyards are full of ignorant folks, waiting their turn in HELL."

The Sacred Sanctity of the Grave Site is the very last place to protest. Veterans world wide feel betrayed at such debauchery. Any morally upright human being would fear the wrath of the Creator if they knowingly DESECRATED a Funeral, the final resting place, and the grieving family.

The highest degree of pressure should be applied to ALL Those who are running for President of the United States, and our Governmental bodies to ensure that the unrighteous rev Fred Phelps and his gang cease and desist.

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