Thursday, February 7, 2008

Support for Your PTSD

By Matthew Tull, PhD, Guide to PTSD
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Seeking Out Support for Your PTSD
Thursday February 7, 2008

It has constantly been found that having social support can play
a major role in helping people overcome the negative effects of a
traumatic event (including PTSD). However, just simply having
someone available to talk to may not be enough when it comes to

There are several important pieces to a supportive relationship
that may be particularly beneficial in helping someone overcome the
effects of a traumatic experience. Read on to learn more about some
of these qualities.

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What not to say to returning vets...
"Time heals all wounds". If you've got returning troops coming into
your family, community or church, this is one cliché you will want to
stay away from. In fact you may want to stay away from alot of clichés.
Instead let your veteran know that you care, you don't know what
they are going through, but you do want to help.

They may have PTSD which means they might feel angry, confused,
embarrassed, depressed, anxious, drinking or worse, avoiding old
friends, family and hangouts. But you can't know that unless you stop,
take the time to ask AND listen!
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1-800-273- TALK (8255)

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