Saturday, December 22, 2007

Singing for Heroes

By TK Rosevear
December 17, 2007 09:49 PM EST

Unsung heroes of time and eternity gone by,
upon eagles wings please hear harmony's cry;
I know of the courage in your brave, purple hearts,
the valor that runs deep through all body parts;

No medals or ribbons could suffice true zeal
of facing the Devil, declaring, "NO Deal!"
Senses denatured to the ills of humankind,
focusing on 'cause' without losing one's mind;

War, we were taught, is freedoms price tag,
for waving or planting the colors of our flag;
Laying claim to faith and dignity to rites
for victim nations, to empower from plights;

A noble choice to risk one's life and limb,
while ignorance decides whether to sink or swim;
My promise to you from this moment on,
your memories heard in epiphenomenon;

With love and honor, respectfully I'll close -
each dawn 'sound the bugle', each eve with a rose.

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