Thursday, October 4, 2007

DANCING WITH DEATH, a combat ritual

Enemy in the valley, Midnight attack they mount,
Enemy in the valley, Too many to count.
Enemy in the valley, As far as one can see
VC in the valley, They want to kill me.

Foxtrot 6 to H.Q. –Come In
Fire mission! Fire mission, over,
Broken Arrow--Broken Arrow,
Fire mission! Fire mission , over,
“Scorched Earth” 10 minutes non-stop
Zappers in our lines, Position is overrun,
Can’t hold, can’t hold, “It” must be done,
Fire mission! Fire mission, over.

H.Q. to Foxtrot 6, confirm your last…
“Broken Arrow – Broken Arrow”.
Pour it ALL, all on top of us,
Napalm, High Explosives & Phosphorus.
Roger that! Foxtrot 6, tango’s in your house,
Dig in tails down, HELL is on the way.
Firing for effect, so hold your breath
Time to go dancing, Dancing with Death!

Trees and People explode like Popcorn
Screaming flaming darting Silhouettes,
Stomach churning, from Napalm Burning
Wood and charred bar-b-que’d Flesh.
Smoldering humanity, such Insanity
Pungent chemicals: super heated Acid,
Mixtures of 10 w 40 & High Octane set aflame
Rolling Soapy Thunder, igniting perpetual pain.
Infernal Inhaled, we struggle for Breath,
It's a Combat Ritual of Dancing With DEATH.


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