Sunday, July 1, 2007

Offical Release Date: 28 June 2007

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I Can Still Hear Their Cries, Even In My Sleep: A Journey Into PTSD by
E. Everett McFall (Paperback - May 19, 2007)

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"This poetic memior of war is RAW and RUTHLESSLY HONEST. The vivid images are a moving testiment to the enduring pain of war and the stresses of combat. The verses are captivating, informative, and emotionally stimulating. The author takes you on a journey into the shadows of PTSD. I give it A 5 STAR RATING."

James B. Lane Professor of History, PHD, University of Indiana Northwest.

Jessica said...

"Mr. McFall reveals his past experiences of the Vietnam war in such vivid and graphic detail, which produces horrible images that leaves you in tears. Tears for Mr. McFall and his fellow brothers and sisters who have fought in various wars only to return home different people. People we all love but still don't understand them or their P.S.T.D."

"I Can Still Hear Their Cries, Even In My Sleep" .

by E. Everett McFall is Now Available Exclusively on AMAZON.COM

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