Monday, April 30, 2007

We Will Never Forget!!!

On September the 11th 2001, I stood eating a turkey sauage sandwhich attempting to snatch a few moments of the News. Suddenly Charlie Gibson screamed out in horror, "That was no accident, a second plane has slammed into the other World Trade Tower." One hour latter, I was still standing with that half eaten sandwhich. Within two weeks, I was in the VA Physchatric Dept. -because I was back in Vietnam.
Durring the last two weeks I had been
constantly reliving intensified events. FLASHBACKS.
It maybe a bit too painful to watch, however, here is a tribute to 9.11.2001 ...--- ...

Amazing 911 Tribute


Jessie M said...

Seeing the post of the 911 tribute made me think of those victims and their family members. Thinking back when I saw the planes hit the
Twin Towers, I thought I was looking at movie but no it was not. It was real as seeing those people jumping out the windows. My heart is with you Ernest having survived the vietnam war. God is with you always and please don't forget that. Your book might reach someone who is in pain and perhaps that pain can be revealed and therefore the healing process can begin.

Paul Dufault said...

Yes, let us NEVER forget 911, for the victims and their families!

We should pray for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting the "radicals" that would like to annihilate the FREE world.

With God's will and the determination of our BRAVE Armed Forces, we will prevail!

Your "Blog" is awesome and as a Vietnam Veteran, I appreciate the great posts.