Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Little Tiny Faces

I Can Still Hear Their Cries,

Even In My Sleep!
E. Everett McFall has produced a moving testament to the enduring pain that stems from the horror of war. A sensitive, intelligent person whom I first met when he was a student in my Vietnam War course, he has written in a style that is raw, searing and ruthlessly honest. His journey to come to grips with what he encountered in Southeast Asia has been a long but successful one, and his poetic memoir should help other veterans and be an inspiration to all who read it. THIS IS A MUST READ!

Dr. James B. Lane PhD is a Distinguished Historian and Author who has written over thirty-five publications during his tenure as a Professor of History at Indiana University Northwest.
Little Tiny Faces

I see little tiny faces
Hands stretched out and up
Ravaged by a life of War
Potbellied barefoot children
Seeking, Pleading, Wanting, Begging, and Needing.

I see little tiny faces
Hands stretched out and up
Ravaged by the plight of War
Some silently crying and withdrawn
Others Brash, Bold, Vocal, Very Animated.

I see little tiny faces
Hands stretched out and up
Ravaged by the sights of War
Fixed stares prayerfully looking for love
Peace, Hope, Happiness, Resolution or Solution.

I see widows and orphans
Little Tiny Faces
Their eyes Reveal, Glazed eyes Conceal
Expectation, Humiliation, Anticipation, Desperation
A Mirrored Reflection, and Hopeless Rejection Etched
On those Little Tiny Faces.
"Sometimes, life provides opportunities for growth cleverly disguised as problems.
Growth in various ways, including Mentally, Spiritually, and Emotionally. When in reality those problems are actually challenges and conditional events structured for teaching, learning, appreciating and understanding the lessons of life. Cold and harsh, yet a valid tool for developing wisdom.

Looking into those "Little Tiny Faces" gave birth then, and now, within me, an enduring source of Divine gratitude; but for the grace of God- I could have shared their plight... Thank You My Lord God. "

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Jessie M. said...

No way could I have looked into the eyes of those children without having rivers and rivers of tears. Those babies eyes blackened with fear and death. Yet, they too remained in harms way.